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Birthday is one of the most important days in a year, whether that person is turning 5, 27, 58, 79 or 98. Irrespective of the age, birthdays are special. Do you know somebody whose birthday is coming up in July? Like maybe your best friend, sibling, parent, partner, cousin, colleague, or anybody else? Their birthday might still be a couple of weeks away but choosing a gift that will be meaningful and that will be truly cherished and remembered is not so easy, it takes time. So have you yet planned what you want to give him or her on this special day? Or did this question stress you out? Well, if that’s the case then relax cause we are here to help you out. We have made a list of 5 popular gifts that you can choose for somebody whose birthday is in the month of July.

Ruby jewelry

1.  Ruby jewelry

Do you know about birthstones? It’s basically a gemstone that represents the birth month of a person. The gorgeous gemstone Ruby is the birthstone for people who are born in the month of July (how lucky!) So take this opportunity and give them a gorgeous piece of jewelry that has RUby in it. You can give a pair of Ruby earrings, or a pendant, or a ring, whatever you think he or she will like the most.

Bouquet flowers

2.  Bouquet of fresh lovely flowers

As you know, Flowers never go out of style. Flowers, with their own secret language, convey our feelings to the right person in the right way. Flowers have always been considered as a very popular birthday gift for various reasons like the availability of a wide variety of options, easy to find, everybody likes flowers, etc. But in case you the person you want to give a gorgeous flower arrangement to stay far away from you, maybe in a different city, state, country or even a continent. it becomes a little bit difficult to send fresh flowers in their best condition, right? Well, not anymore. Now you can easily shop flowers online on Bloomsvilla and send flowers to India- fresh beautiful flowers will be delivered at the desired location on the mentioned date and the preferred time. You can send flowers to Mumbai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, or any other Indian city by placing your order on Bloomsvilla and you can in fact even surprise your loved one by choosing the midnight flower delivery service. Yes, fresh flowers will be delivered at midnight to make your loved one’s birthday even more special. Bloomville’s flower collection is heavenly, you should definitely check them out!

You can either send a flower arrangement that consists of his or her favorite flower, or the birth flower unless of course, you want to go for an all-time classic like the red rose or something. In case you want to give one that has his or her birth flower in it then you must know that for people born in July, there are two birth flowers- Larkspur (Delphinium) and the beautiful water Lily. Both are extremely gorgeous!

3. Zodiac themed (Leo/Cancer) presents

Do you know this person’s zodiac sign? Well, if his or her birthday falls between 1st July-22nd July, his or her Zodiac sign is Cancer but if the date is between 22nd July-31st July, his or her Zodiac sign is Leo. So, be creative and get a zodiac-themed present for him or her.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Zodiac sign pendant
  • A t-shirt that has a quote related to the particular zodiac sign (For example, “Leos are awesome!”)
  • A cushion with the zodiac sign printed on it

sun glasses

4. Sunglass

July means it’s summertime and is it even summer if people are not flaunting their gorgeous sunglasses while protecting their eyes? We don’t think so! So show your love by giving him or her a stylish pair of sunglasses that suit their style. It’s going to be a great addition to his or her collection and it will forever be cherished because hey, sunglasses never go out of style!

birthday tea mug gift

5. A personalised glass/mug set

Summer means sun, friends & family, juices/ cocktails/ mocktails, and everything fun, right? Since his or her birthday is in the month of July which means it’s proper summertime. Give a personalised glass or mug set that they are not just going to use but will treasure forever. Now they can have all their favorite drinks in their new glasses that will be specially marked for them, sounds perfect!

You can now not just send flowers to India & cake delivery in Bangalore by ordering online on Bloomsvilla but you can also send cakes, cards, chocolates, soft toys, dry fruits, plants, sweets, fresh fruits, etc. along with the flowers for your loved ones by simply making it a combo on Bloomsvilla. Happy gifting!

Choose a birthday gift thoughtfully and give it with love, that’s what will make it special.



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