200 Happy Birthday Quotes And Wishes For All Kind of Relation

Birthday is one of the most important day in everyone’s life because it comes once a year in everyone’s life. So everyone wants to celebrate this event with the utmost joy and fun. Most of the people organize a party and invite all of friends and relatives at a birthday party. At that time, people search for different kinds of birthday wishes and gifts ideas over the internet. if you’re looking for this kind of stuff, then you’re in the right place. 30birthdayideas is the best place where you will get tons of birthday wishes, wallpapers, greeting cards, and gift ideas.

The Best Happy Birthday wishes to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

1. Happy Birthday to the love and sanity of my life without which I wouldn’t be able to pass a single day.

2. Happy Birthday to my dear friend who makes the boring parts fun and the fun parts hilarious.

3. Happy Birthday to the person I cannot stop looking at. I mean how can someone look so beautiful without making any effort at all. Not to brag, I am serious when I say you’re so pretty.

4. Happy Birthday to my handsome boyfriend who has loved me so much I have forgotten all the hardships in life. Thank you all that you did for me.

5. Happy Birthday to someone I can always run up to after I mess things up because I know he will protect me. Thank you, my dear boyfriend, you have truly been my hero.

6. Happy Birthday to you, my darling. Just want you to write it down that I am happier than you on your Birthday since your birth completed the hole in my life.

7. Sending lots of love and happiness towards you. May your Birthday fill up with the warmth you have filling up my life with.

8. I wish that all the things you wish for before you go to sleep, come true the minute you wake up. Happy Birthday dear friend.

9. Thanks for being around me when I laughed and when I cried. I love you for every inch of it. Happy Birthday best friend.

10. Happiest Birthday to the person without which I wouldn’t be able to proper. Thank you for sticking like a glue to me around when nobody else it.

11. Happy Birthday to the one who is my lover, best friend, soul mate, teacher and so much more. Life would not be so great without you.

12. When I first saw you, I knew you are someone my heart won’t be able to forget. So, glad you came in my life so that I can celebrate your Birthday with joy, laughter, romance and so much more. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

13. Happy Birthday to someone who makes my ordinary days amazing which is why I can’t wait to make your Birthday a lot more exciting than what you are looking forward to.

14. To my moon and stars, Happy Birthday.

15. Happiest Birthday to the most beautiful and honest person I has ever met.

16. You are so cute I want to pull your cheeks all the time. Love you and very happy Birthday.

17. A sweet happy birthday to someone who has been there for me whenever I was sad, tense or worried. You deserve the world.

18. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend who is more like a best friend to me. With whom I get to share all the fun and crazy stuff.

19. I thank God every single day for giving you to me. On your Birthday I feel like giving sweets to everyone I know to tell them you were born.

20. To someone who has seen me at my best and at my worst. Thank you so much.

21. Happy Birthday to my eternal love, my future wife and the mother of my children.

22. I cannot wait to tell the world about me and you so that we can celebrate your Birthday with everyone.

23. Please my thanks to your parents, they gave me you. Happy Birthday.

24. Happy Birthday to the one who is close to my heart and the one who is the nearest.

More than 50 Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

As we know, friends are a great blessing in our life. Also, a true friend is one of the most beautiful gifts in everyone’s life. Sometimes it’s difficult to put your love feelings for your friend into words that your best friend means to you. With the beautiful birthday friend quotes below, you’ll be reminded how amazing it is to have such a friendship. Choose it, and share it with your true friends at the time of his bday.

1. Now that you enter another phase in your life, I wish that you conquer everything you have been waiting for. Happy Bday.

2. I cannot wait to have another lifetime adventure with you. You make things so exciting which is why I can’t wait to party with you on your Bday.

3. Happy Birthday to my special friend who makes our ordinary and boring days a lot less miserable.

4. Welcome to a new phase in life where you would be able to learn and achieve all that is destined to. Happiest Bday.

5. Happy Birthday to my naughty friend. Cannot wait to come over and stuff your face with cake.

6. Hey best, if you think you will get by without taking me out on your birthday, you are mistaken. On your birthday I want to eat fancy!

7. Happy Birthday to the craziest and yet, the most caring person I have ever met. Your heart is made of gold.

8. Shout out to the exceptional human being who fills my days with excitement and fun. I love you a lot.

9. I wonder when I got to blessed to have you as my best friend. Happy Bday you perfect person.

10. Since it’s your birthday I want to buy you all the makeup, dresses and accessories you love. But, for that, you would have to wait until I become a millionaire. Hehehe, happy bday, friend.

11. No matter where I am in this world, I will always remember your birthday and would love to fly over to hug you tight.

12. Happy Birthday to someone who has taught me everything no matter how small and big it is.

13. I still remember the day when we became friends and I will always hold that day special because that was the day, I met you.

14. Happy Birthday to someone who might be a little crazy, but she is my best friend, so I love her a lot.

15. Happy Bday to someone who has brought life and colour to my dull life. Thank you for all the little yet important things that you have done for me.

16. Sorry, I forgot to wish on time, and I might wish you late next year too. But I want you to know that I love you a lot and you’re my favourite person in this world.

17. Happy Bday to this awful person who does not have time to meet me at all. But I still love you even though I want to kill you.

18. Happy bday dear friend, come back soon so that we can party just like old beautiful times.

19. Sorry, for being so far away on your hump day. When I come back home, know that the first thing I will be doing is ringing your doorbell with balloons and cake.

20. Step into another year of your life with confident and devotion as if everything is rigged in only your favour.

21. Happiest Birthday to someone who is always there for me whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for all your love, prayers and support, cannot be any more grateful.

22. May God fill your heart with the warmth you spread around on every day. Wish to see you celebrate this Birthday with a lot more fun and happiness than last year.

23. I wish I could give you the happiness and motivation you have been shedding on me since childhood. Thank you for your presence

24. Happy Birthday to the love of this life and all the lives yet to come. Nothing would be clear and sane in my life, if you weren’t around.

25. Happy Bday to my soul mate. Wish to not only spend your day with you, but a lifetime that is filled with utmost bliss.

26. I cannot wait to see you where you are planning to be and working really hard for.

27. Your Birthday means a lot more to me than it does to you because I got you. No one could have taken your place.

28. I hope your life becomes as sweet and flavourful as the cake that I have ordered for you on your Bday.

29. I love you and I cannot thank God enough to send you to me. No one or anything can take your space in even the tiniest way possible. Happy Bday.

30. Happy Birthday to my friend. Pack your bags, because I am ready to take you out of town to celebrate your Birthday in the craziest way possible.

31. Happy Bday my loser friend, I may not say it a lot but yes, you are the most important in my life. Not as cool as me, though, but you are getting there.

32. When I look at my pas, I look at all the fun things we have done together. Cannot wait to party on your Birthday to remind you how much you mean to me.

33. Hope you are equipped with all the dedication and inspiration needed to ace your next year to.

34. When I look at your life, I get inspired to become half as good as you. Nothing sounds more peaceful than your presence in my life.

35. In my messed-up life, you help me and assist me in becoming a better person. Happy Birthday to the most fantastic and amazing person in my life.

36. Happiest Birthday to the most beautiful person. You are not just pretty, but your intellectual level and your kindness all add up to remind me how special I am to have you in my life.

37. May the minute you cut your cut, you are showered with all the luck and confident you need to ace another year of your wonderful life.

38. Did I ever tell you what I adore about you? Actually, I didn’t because that would take a lot of time. Happiest Bday, a perfectionist.

39. Does not matter if your past year did not go according to plan. I am sure you will be able to ace all your goals in this special year.

40. Happy Bday, cousin. You may be far away, but you will always be close to my heart. I will never let anyone take up your place and you better not give anyone mine.

41. Are you ready to enjoy another ride that will be equipped with a million things ready to make you a better person? Start another year with only good vibes.

42. Here’s to this amazing person in my life who have been nothing but a source of light, love and laughter. Happy Birthday.

43. Your heart is the kindest heart I know, and I wouldn’t let it go at any cost. Happy Bday, to my source of happiness.

44. Happy Birthday to someone who I will never let go of no matter how annoying and irritating I sound. Yes, you can write that down somewhere.

45. Happy Birthday to my better half. Thanks for understanding all my jokes and laughing on them, even when you did not want to.

46. Really means a lot to be in your friends list. You are the coolest and the most amazing person I know. Continue to rock the way you teach me every day.

47. Happy Birthday! Are you ready to open presents from your grandparents you know are horrible but would still fake like it?

48. Happy Bday, yes you are old and your days on this planet are only a few. But that’s okay cause its your Birthday today and we shall party today so you can cry about it later.

49. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, life would not be as cheerful and filled with fun if you weren’t there to accompany me with it.

50. Let’s make your Birthday a lot more exciting than it was last year! Are you ready?

51. Buckle up because I have prepared you a list of all the fun things we will be doing on your Birthday. Do not tell your mom, shush.

52. Happy Birthday to someone who is just like me. From liking the same food items to wearing the same outfits almost every day. I love you a lot and I am super glad we are alike.

53. Happy Birthday to someone I know would not be sharing her cake with us. Don’t worry, this time I will bring two cakes so that we can get fat together.

The Perfect Happy Birthday Brother

1. Happy Birthday to my pal who has stuck by me in all the troubling situations and events. Thanks for always having my back.

2. Happy Birthday to someone I can always count on no matter what the situation is. You are always around to take care of me after I screw up bad.

3. I just don’t see a friend in you, I see my brother. We might not share blood, but the companionship that we share is worth everything else.

4. If I start recalling all the fun things we have done together, I am sure I will get tired because of the list in never-ending. Happy Bday bro.

5. To all the people who have their brothers away, know that on their special day you should remind them how much you love and adore them.

6. Happy Birthday to my elder brother who has looked after his little sister in a way that is exemplary. There is no one who could have done a better job.

7. Happy Birthday to my little bro, you might be annoying, and you sure do eat all the leftover, but I still love you and want the best for you.

8. Happy Birthday to my brother with whom I have done all the mischievous things we can’t share with our parents. Thanks for always having my back.

9. Hello pal, remember all the fun things we have done together when we were young? Now you are boring who is always busy with work. Huh! Pls take a break from your work so that we can party just like old times. Love you, brother.

10. Thank you for all the perfect times you have had my back. Happy Birthday, bro!

11. Happy Birthday to my pal who has been there with me every time life kicked me hard and pulled me down. Thank you for always picking me up.

12. Happy Birthday bro, just because we are far away from each other does not mean your absence is not felt. Miss you a lot, come back soon. Love you!

13. Hello little brother, so proud to see you where you are today. I remember when you were a kid and now you are a grown man capable of so much more.

14. Can’t believe you have achieved so much in this little time. I am confident you are yet to ace all your targets. Happy Birthday brother.

15. Happiest Birthday to someone who is more like dad to me. I walk on your footsteps because I know they will lead me to success. Love you, elder bro.

16. To all the times we fight and argument, know that I do not regret anything because they brought us closer. Happy Birthday, brother dearest.

17. You might be far away, but your spot is safe and secure. No one can be the pal you are to me. Happy Birthday best brother in this planet.

Happy Birthday Religious

1. May God fill your future with luck, happiness, and prosperity. I want to see your success in every stage of your life.

2. I blessed to have you in my life. No day is complete without you in it. Happy Birthday, my guardian angel.

3. God send you down to me because he knew I couldn’t handle my life alone. Thanks for being there for me in every stage of life.

4. To all the things you have planned for your future, I hope you get to check all of them as soon as possible.

5. On your special day, I would thank God before sending you your birthday wish.

6. You mean so much to me, only God knows. And, he knows how much I am thankful to him for sending you to me.

7. There is no day, in which I don’t remind myself how blessed I am. Thank you, for sticking around when nobody else did.

More than 50 Happy Birthday Wished for Husband and Wife

1. From the day I married you, till now, I am thanking the lord for you. You are my husband who has sheltered me with love, madness and happiness.

2. It’s okay if you are not expressive with your feelings. The love you shower me with every second of our lives, is enough. Happy Birthday, husband.

3. Hope this new year brings you happiness and all the success you ever wished for.

4. On your birthday I have listed down a million things to say to you, but I will do that when we meet in person. So, get ready because I am coming to meet you.

5. Happy birthday to someone who says things filled with sweet and does things that are treasure full. Love you, a lot.

6. If birthdays are about celebrating their presence in your life, I want to celebrate your birthday every single day.

7. May you continue to achieve a lot more and a lot better than you have in this year. Happy Birthday, fantastic human being.

8. Hope you learn and grow in this year ahead of you. Happy Birthday.

9. I want to watch you thrive and become an even more successful person than you are right now.

10. To the most genuine and kind-hearted person I have met, you are the sunshine in my dull life. Happy Bday.

11. Thanks for bringing colour and radiance in my life, without you I would never know how beautiful life is.

12. You have so many qualities that if I begin to talk about them, I would get tired. Happy Birthday, perfect human being.

13. On your birthday, lets count all the memories and things you have achieved. This will help you know how amazing you are and that you should be proud of yourselves.

14. Whenever I get tired of my life and think about quitting, I look at you and see you working so hard without complaining at all. Thanks for being that inspiration, happy birthday.

15. A very happy and joyful happy birthday to my inspiration and source of laughter and joy.

16. How you spread happiness is beyond remarkable. I wish you all the luck and happiness and that you continue to spread joy all around you the same way you always have.

17. Happy Birthday to someone I am delighted to have in my life. No one can take your place.

18. You have given me meaningful reasons to smile and be happy. On your birthday, I want to give you the happiness you have always given me.

19. Every day spent with you is significant which is why your birthday shall be celebrated in the most amazing away possible.

20. I wish I could be with you on the birthdays me and you weren’t friends. You are my friend and the one I will remain unhappy without.

21. Just because you are a year older does not mean you are any less perfect. Stay confident and stay happy.

22. Happy Birthday to my companion without whom I will not be at the stage I am today. It is all your support and love, my wife.

23. Happy Birthday to someone who does not share a matrimonial bond with me, but someone with whom I share my life, sorrow and all the happiness in the world.

24. Happy birthday to my wife who cooks, supports, cares and in fact, does everything to make me and the kids happy. Thank you, for everything that you do for me, it means a lot.

25. Happy Birthday to the one who is our hero. My dear husband, who matters a tonne to me.

26. Happy Birthday, wife. You are not just my wife, you are the mother of my children, my caretaker, my friend, in fact my whole life.

27. Thanks for always telling me that I don’t look fat in any dress, even when I know I do. Happy Birthday, husband, you are truly my support.

28. To someone who isn’t just my wife, but my best friend who matches the same level of humour as me. Happy Birthday, wifey. I love you a lot.

29. The moment I saw you, I knew what I wanted for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, wife, I adore you and treasure you and will continue to do for the rest of my life.

30. If there is one person I cannot even breath without, it’s you. On your Birthday, I want to celebrate really hard so that I can tell the world how much I am grateful to you.

31. Happy Birthday, wife. We shall begin your Birthday by the breakfast that is waiting for you in the dining room. Today, your husband will take care of the chores while you rest and enjoy.

32. Happy birthday husband, no one can match the level of love and happiness you shower upon me. Thanks for being around and loving me.

34. If you weren’t born, I would have been single today. So, I shall thank your parents first before I wish you a very happy birthday.

Lavish Happy Birthday Wishes

1. Do not just wish for you to have a great day today but may every day that you have gets filled with nothing but love from your family and friends.

2. I am proud of who you are today, and I ask God to give you additional strength to conquer everything on your list. Happy Birthday.

3. Happy Birthday to someone who passes everyday with flying colours and aim to make sure everyone around her is the happiest person.

4. Thank you for showing me what real hard work is and how to stay determined with your goals. You are someone I tell people about; someone I am extremely proud of. Love you a lot.

5. I wish that you travel the world and meet new cultures and new people just as vibrant and bubbly as you. Happy Birthday and happy travels.

6. I have always seen you work tirelessly for your goals. I want to see you get the best of everything. Happy Birthday, you amazing human being.

7. The impact you have made on our lives is remarkable. It is nothing but the best.

8. Cannot believe that in just a moment me and you have become amazing friends. Cannot lose you over anything. Happy Birthday.

9. Love you to the moon and all the planets combined. You have made my days a lot better which is why I want you to stay with me for as long as you can.

10. I want to see you cross everything off the list that includes your plans and wishes. Happiest Birthday.

11. Happy Birthday to someone who I cannot stay a day being mad at. Thank you for sticking around with me. Love you!

12. I feel the luckiest to have you in my life. You are my friend in need and the friend indeed.

13. Happy Birthday to the one and only person who can make my days better with just a single hug.

14. Thank you for all the laughter, hugs and moments that you have shared with me. Cannot replace you with anyone else.

15. You are the truest person who has made my life so much better than it was before I met you. I wish nothing less than the best for you.

16. Happy Birthday my friend. I have watched you struggle and worked super hard for your goals which is why I wish you all the luck and I am sure you will be able to ace them all.

17. Happy Birthday to the dearest and the closest. You are top on my list of friends and I am sure you will stay at the top.

18. Our friendship will only grow and become beautiful because you are a part of it.

19. May your day gets filled with all the colours and joy you shower around wherever you go. Happy Birthday, bubbly.

20. Its okay if you were unable to pass that test last year, know that you will ace it this time. Do not be afraid to conquer everything you have ever wished for.

21. You are the strongest person I know, and I wish to be as strong as you one day. Hope you will teach me. Love you and a very happy birthday.

22. My life has never been so complete, it’s your presence that has filled the void in it. Thank you for being in it, I am forever grateful.

23. I want to gather all the happiness in this world and shower them upon you because you sincerely deserve it.

Happy Birthday Sibling Wishes

1. I remember all our fights and arguments when we were kids. Now, that you are away on your Birthday I miss all of them. Happy Birthday, sister come back soon.

2. Happy Birthday to someone who knows me more than me. Please stay in my life or else you know I will screw my life up.

3. Happy Birthday, little sister. May you grow up to be as amazing as you are right now.

4. Happy Birthday to someone who I look up to. You are next to mum and I love you for everything that you do for me.

5. Happy Birthday sister lets go shopping so that I can spend all of your money.

6. Happy Birthday to my friend who is more like a sister to me and like a partner in crime. Thanks for all the nights filled with joy that I will never be able to forget.

7. Happy Birthday to my guardian angel. You have taken care of me like nobody else could.

8. Hello sweet sister, you are the one who has had my back when I was a kid and even when I am an adult, I look for you whenever I need help.

9. Here’s to all the times we have sneaked out of the house and not tell dad about it. You are the one I share all the secrets to because I know you will always keep them. Happy Birthday, sister.

10. I am really happy to see someone you age achieve so much in such a little time. May you achieve a lot more than what you already have. Happy Birthday, my love.

11. Happy Birthday to my sister with whom I do not only happily share my room, but all of my secrets too. Thank you for tolerating me!

12. No matter how many times we fight in a day, I know that you will always have my back no matter what and that is something I value the most in our friendship.

13. I may not share my clothes with you or my makeup but know that I love you and you are the prettier sister.

14. Thanks for doing all the bold things in life so that mum and dad see how innocent and obedient daughter I am. Love you and a very happy birthday.

15. Happy Birthday to my elder sister who has taught me how to love and care for everyone. Thank you for teaching me in every turn of life.

16. No matter how much you annoy, at the end of the day I love you no matter what. Happy Birthday!

17. Happy Birthday to the funniest person I know. Your humour matches my level of crazy which is why I love you.

18. Happy Birthday friend, you have stuck by me when no one did which is why I want you to stay with me for as long as you may. Love you a lot.

19. No matter how far we are from each other, you will always stay in my heart.

20. When I checked my phone data, I realized how I have made the maximum calls and texts to you. Love you for always listening to my bullshit without getting tired.

21. Happy Birthday to the person I can annoy and irritate as much as I can. I love for always bearing up with my bullshit.

22. Here’s to all the years we have spent together cutting your birthday cake. I want all your birthdays to be with me, filled with fun and happiness.

23. Hope the light from your birthday candles illuminate your pathway to success. Happy Birthday to someone who has worked hard and with a lot of devotion.

24. Happy Birthday to my favourite person in the whole wide world. You are my favourite person to chill and hang around with.

25. No one can match the level of craziness, both of us share. You are everything I ever wanted from my best friend.

26. Happy Birthday to my one and only friend who gets all my lame jokes and still manages to laugh as much as she can.

27. Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend who has stayed by me through thick and thin. I get worried what I would do without you.

28. On your Birthday I would like to tell the world how special and lucky I am to have you in my ordinary life. You are great and I want everyone to know how blessed I am to have you.

29. Happy Birthday dear friend who is my human diary. I can share everything with you.

30. No day would pass happily without your love, care and support. Thank you for being there for me.

Short Birthday Wishes

1. Happy Birthday you amazing person I can’t wait to party with.

2. Happy birthday friend, I am coming over to pick you now so we can party hard.

3. Happy Birthday, you cute person. Thank you for bringing my life into action.

4. To someone who has helped in every nick of time, Happy Birthday.

5. Where are you giving me your birthday treat? Oh, and also happy Birthday.

6. Don’t let anything steal your thunder because you are very amazing. Happy Birthday, the strongest person.

7. Here’s to someone who has helped me grow into a better person. I can never thank you enough, happiest Birthday.

8. May all the colours in your life get even more vibrant and bubbly.

9. Happy Birthday to my one friend I can always count on. You will always give me your shoulder to cry on. Thank you.

10. Happy Birthday to my best friend, you are awesome. Less awesome than me, ofc. But you are cool too!

11. I will never share you with anyone okay! All your birthdays are to be celebrated with me.

12. Happy Bday to someone who adopted me because I was an introvert. Love you!

13. So proud of you for bringing out the best in me when even I wasn’t confident enough. Thank you so much and love you.

14. Thank you for giving me the confidence and the ideal push I needed to deal with all the hardships in life. I couldn’t have done it without you.

15. Happy Birthday to someone who matters a lot to me that words cannot do justice to it.

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