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International women’s day: How to tribute them with words

Women are important in just every form. If she is a daughter, she has that innocent heart that is filled with your love. She is that caring sister that appears magically in front of you whenever you need her. And whenever you’re in trouble, she invests herself to make you out of that.

If she is a mother. Even her love is the mother of every other love of this world. A mother lives for her children and not for herself. On this women’s day, let her remind you to pour some love for herself. So she can continue doing best for her family. Take care of her by showing love and care verbally and with actions.

If she is a wife, take things into notice, what she has done for you so far. She manages your house, your children and keeps supporting you in ups and downs. She is the one who has always supported you emotionally and morally.

This women’s day, let your wife know about her importance in your life and in your heart. That how much you owe her, both verbally and through actions.

Women’s day wishes for mother

  1. Happy women’s day to the stronger woman I know. Mother! You’re the superwoman of my life. On this day, I want to thank you for your endless efforts and sacrifices. You’re the greatest blessing of my life.
  2. Happy women’s day to the superwoman I know. To my mother who’s always holding my back. I love you a lot.
  3. Happy women’s day Mom! You’re the best. Thank you for your unconditional love, support and sacrifices.
  4. Happy women’s to my mother! You’ve always brought happiness in my life. You were and are always up to bring a smile on my face. I love you so much.
  5. Thanks for being here. Thanks for being you. And thanks for holding my hand and my back and myself. Whatever I’m today, it’s all because of you. Without you, I could never achieve anything. Thank you for everything.
  6. Today! I want to wish you a joyful, lovely and safe life ahead. You deserve everything the best in your life. Happy women’s day mommy.
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Women’s day wishes for wife

  1. I will hold you when things go wrong. I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn. Happy women’s day!
  2. You give a lot and I appreciate you for this. Happy woman’s day my dear partner.
  3. You’re an amazing partner and an amazing woman. Thanks for being faithful to me and my family.
  4. I am just so in awe of you and so proud to call you my partner, my better half. You are one of the strongest women I know.
  5. You’re my source of power and support. Thank you for being so wonderful. Blessed to have you in my life.

Women’s day wishes to your friend

  1. On this women’s day, I want to tell you that I owe you a big one for all that you have done for me so far. Thank you for always supporting me. Thank you for the joy that you brought in my life. Happy women’s day.
  2. You’re the one who truly understands me when the world refuses for that. You are the one who is always there to pick my self after every downtime. You are the one made me laugh when I thought I could never. Thank you for being there for me. Happy women’s day to you.
  3. On this women’s day, I want to give my heartiest congratulations to a great woman like you. A woman who is supportive, loyal, brave and trustworthy. You have always put my happiness a priority even before yours. And the thing I value the most is that you have always shown me the true side no matter how ugly it is. Happy women’s day my dearest friend.
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Women’s day wishes for sister

Happy woman’s day dear sister, you are more than a best friend and sibling. You always took stand for me and I appreciate each and every single effort you made for me. It’s your day. Live, love and laugh.

General wishes for a woman around you

  1. I wonder how capable you’re at your work. You make every task look easy. Great to have an inspiring colleague like you.
  2. Today I want to give you a reminder that you’re a wonder woman. You’re doing such a great job. Keep going, warrior.  More power to you!

Teach your daughters and sisters that it is okay to be alone. Let them do the adventures they want to do. Support them in every possible way. Take their dreams into consideration. Help them to learn a skill, and to gain a respectful position in society. Help them to become productive, to grow and to learn. And most of all, make them feel special. As a human and more specifically as a woman, they all need a little reassurance time by time.

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