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7 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day 2020

8th March is the day of women from all over the world. Whether they are teenage girls striving to make their future bright. Or working women, who are investing themselves for their families. Or housewives who are the main pillar of a family. They all are heroes. Let’s spare some time to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of women around us on womens day 2020.


Women can be heroes too. They deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their sacrifices, efforts, and bravery. All they need from you is to give them equal opportunities and let them prove their worth. Women are the most sensitive yet strongest creature on Earth. In this day, we need to acknowledge their strengths and sacrifices. In return, they must be honored with respect, justice, and appreciation.

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Different Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day 2020

Teach Skills:

Sometimes women are passionate and determined but lack skill-set. The best way to help them become successful is to teach relevant skills. Examine their area of interest and expertise. Like graphics, writing, programming, blogging, vlogging, knitting, stitching etc. And then train them according to the current era. In a way that market demands. This will surely help them understand market requirements. Learning and gaining skills require some time but it is surely worth waiting. It will pay off entire life.


If women have particular expertise and talents but she is afraid of taking initiative, Encouragement is the only solution. Boost her confidence. Encourage them to believe in themselves and their dreams.

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Expand Social Networks:

Expanding social networks works magically. You start to find opportunities and ways to succeed immediate. When you begin to meet new and inspiring people on a regular basis, you learn and grow. Try to expand important social networks for women around you. Let them be part of this growing community.


Raise your voice for the rights of women around you. Search around women in need. Help them realized their worth and rights. And stand up for their rights. Provide them a shoulder on which they can rely on. Raise your voice up to NGOs. Nowadays, NGOs are playing effective roles for empowering women.

Block Negativity:

Take a stand for women against negativity. Women have to face negative situations more than men. They have to face comments on their appearance or beauty. Unfortunately, our society has set some beauty standards really firmly. It takes people towards bullying. Most of the man also don’t want to see a woman stronger than them. So they try alternative ways to degrade women. You just need to stand up there for the right. Block negativity in every possible way.

Contribute to women fund:

If you look around you will find several human rights groups, who are up for supporting women in need. Contribute in those funding. Those funding are used for several categories. For Girl’s education and for empowering them.

Believe in Yourself:

This is for this beautiful girl who’s reading this. You are beautiful and incredible in your own way. Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Stand up for your rights and for other girl’s rights as well. You are stronger, braver and beautiful. Remember that! Don’t let this society’s so-called standards shatter your confidence in yourself. You have survived so many battles and I am so proud of you for that.

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Women’s day is not just about sayings. It’s also about actions. Providing resources to business women, boosting their abilities and providing proper mediums are all equally included. Women can be proved the most daring and responsible leaders also. Let us look at some examples of incredible women leaders. Who are breaking stereotypes and making women proud?

Ursula Burns:

Ursula Burns

She is the leader of 500 Fortune Company, a senior advisor to Teneo, and a non-executive director of Diageo. She invested 28 years of her life to reach at this level.

Carro Clark:

Carro Clark

Carro Clark is the first woman for owning a book publishing company in the US. And the most incredible thing is she started her career as a bookkeeper. And with years of effort and dedication, she became owner and leader.

Yoshiko Shinohara:

Yoshiko Shinohara

She is the one who reminds us that success does not depend on age. She became Japan’s first self-made billionaire at the age of 82.




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