latest Happy Birthday to My Wife Poem

Beautiful Happy Birthday to My Wife Poem

As all we know, a birthday is the most important day in everyone’s life. So, everyone wants to celebrate this day with fun and joy. But, when your wife birthday, then your wife looking for something special from you that makes her feel more special. At that time, you do not understand what I should do for him. You take no worry, 30birthdayideas will provide you some ideas regarding this which will help you on that day. We have collected a list of happy birthday to my wife poem that will make her feel more special.

We know, love cannot be expressed in the form of words but they will play a very important role in expressing your love in front of your wife. Wish your wife “happy birthday” by sending her a message which fully expresses what is in your heart for this. Find the best way to say Happy Birthday Wife from our collection of happy birthday to my wife poem. Without further discussion, let’s move toward a happy birthday wife poem.

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Birthday to My Wife Poems with images

You Are My Princess

You, my sweetheart, are no less than a princess to me.
I depend on your advice at each step of my life,
I am so damn glad that God gave you to me as my wife.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
May you have a life as long as my love for you.

Birthday to My Wife Poem

You’ve always stood by me holding my hand,
Even when the days were rough, you helped me stand.
You taught me how to live life without giving a damn,
Today on your birthday, I just want you to know how lucky I am!
Happy Birthday, baby. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday to My Wife Poem

My belief in angels grew stronger,
The moment you walked into my life my dear.
Try as I might to find the best gift for your birthday,
I seem to be at a loss to get the perfect thing in every way.
How is it that you outdo me every time?
I find it annoying, although it is most certainly fine.
So, this birthday, I give ME, My Love!

Happy Birthday Wife Poem Latest

A Beautiful Happy Birthday For Darling (Wife)

Day by day, months pass by,
Month by month, years go by.
You’ve always been when I needed you or otherwise,
Today is your birthday and to the occasion I must rise.
To bring a smile to your lips all day,
Is my goal in every possible way.
Happy Birthday My Wife!

Wishes to My Wife birthday poem image

Today on your thirty fifth birthday,
I feel like we’ve spent thirty five years together.
Every moment has been wonderful,
Even arguments have seemed fruitful.
No one’s ever cared for me as you do,
In every way, that is possible only for you…
Happy Birthday my Love!

romantic birthday poems for him

You are the sole reason of our love,
The angel sent to me from up above.
You came into my life and gave me the joy.
I want to bring the moon for your birthday,
But I promise to deliver the beauty of the moon on this day.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart poem

I love who you are and all that you do,
I knew it from the day I knew you.
You are a wonderful lady and my soul mate.

happy birthday wife poem funny

Your love makes life worthwhile,
I don’t know how you do it but you have your own style.
Mere words cannot say what I feel,
But your love has the ability to heal.
On your birthday, I want to make up to you,
For things that may have hurt you.

Sincere Birthday Wishes to My Love poem

Hello beautiful

You make life bountiful

Hello pretty baby

You make my life happy

Hello you sexy girl

With joy you make me whirl

Hello my lovely wife

Around you, revolves my life

Happy birthday

Birthday to My Wife Poem romantic

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